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Registration Day
Chris/Darren, Trip and Stumble-verse. PG. 

emisfritish asked for a Trip and Stumble drabble. 

"No, no, no, no, no-" Chris chants at his laptop, willing the site to load.

Darren stands behind him, hands on Chris’s shoulders. He’s rubbing them and whispering gentle encouragements. “You can do it. You got this.”

As an old pro, an already successfully graduated former student, Darren has been been down this road before. He knows the woe and strife of senior year class registration - when all the classes you need are only offered at one time during one semester and making your anticipated graduation date depends so much on this very moment.

Chris needs three classes, and the rest is all filling in his electives. If he ends up in Basket Weaving 404, so be it. Those are less important - but the three requirements…

The website crashes again. “Fuck!” Chris shouts.

Behind him, the cat hisses.

Darren squeezes his shoulders again. “You can do this. Remember, if you can’t get on the site, no one else can either.”

"They better not," Chris growls.

Darren makes a strangled noise.

Chris turns to look at him, eyes narrowing dangerously. “Are you - that - that was your turned on noise. Stop being turned on, this is a very stressful time for me!”

"Sorry!" Darren squeaks. "Sorry. I just - you, noises, you making noises, my dick just… does things."

"Unless what you dick can do involves getting me into this class, then it can stop."

"You want me to use my dick to-"

"Not like that!" Chris shoves his elbow backwards, catching Darren in the stomach. "If you aren’t going to be helpful, go away."

"Sorry!" Darren goes back to rubbing Chris’s shoulders. He’ll take the abuse, he knows Chris doesn’t mean it. He also remembers cracking his phone case by throwing it against the wall (he was aiming for the bed, okay, he isn’t that dumb) out of frustration when he couldn’t get in one of his own final semester courses. His advisor had pulled a few strings, but it still hadn’t been fun.

"God damnit," Chris shouts at the computer when he gets it past the first page only to have it crash again. "Darren…"

He whines like Darren actually can make it work. Darren makes a sympathetic sound. Chris knows Darren wishes he could help too. “Sorry, baby. Just keep going.”

It takes a few more stops and starts and half an hour, but eventually Chris is satisfied with his schedule. He slumps back against Darren and then tilts his head to look upside down at his boyfriend’s face. “I think I require alcohol now.”

Darren grins and gives him a spiderman-kiss. “Spoken like a true college senior.”

Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’brien and Tyler Posey attend the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht during Comic-Con International 2014

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6500 people sing for Daniel Radcllffe at the 2014 SDCC x

Actor Grant Gustin attends ‘The Flash’ press line during Comic-Con International 2014 at Hilton Bayfront on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California. [2 HQ Photos]

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Fighting crime, trying to save the world.
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls.

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We had this Christmas tree, and we kept it even beyond Christmas. Like, me and Tyler loved it so much. And one time we were having people come over, and Hoechlin picks up the Christmas tree, and he starts bringing it into his room and me and Posey were like “What are you doing?” and he was like “We’re having people over, I’m moving the tree into the room so it doesn’t get, like, damaged, you know.” and I was like “It’s not gonna get damaged, what are you talking about bro, we’re not going to like touch the tree.” and he was like “Alright, you just got to promise that we don’t break the tree.”

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Happy Hoechlin (◡‿◡✿)

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Had an awesome evening with my best friend, and her family! Ended it on the couch with a good movie… #100happydays #day55 #best #friends #good #times


Had an awesome evening with my best friend, and her family! Ended it on the couch with a good movie… #100happydays #day55 #best #friends #good #times

Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden pose backstage at the “Teen Wolf” Panel at Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 24, 2014

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